What’s the Difference?

So some of you have asked what the difference is between the “Rescue Me!” standard edition and the “Super Nova” edition. Well, as our dog Toby tries to decide between the two, I’ll mention the first difference is price: the standard is $8.99 at Amazon.com and the “Super Nova” edition is $15.64. Why the difference? Because the “Super Nova” edition is printed on glossy paper at full comic book size, and includes bonus material as well (so it’s a little longer, and of course, more expensive to make). But I didn’t want the cost to keep anyone away from the book, so thankfully, we were able to create an excellent, and more affordable option. When you pick one up, make sure to submit a review at http://www.itscaptainsun.com or on Amazon!

One thought on “What’s the Difference?

  1. Got the Super Nova edition and am super happy with the purchase. Great job with this guys!

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