Reaching Boys for Christ


From my friend Angel who works at Youth Haven about the Captain Sun fundraiser. Learn more at…“Youth Haven exists to provide children with a safe and fun camp experience in a Christian environment. The kids we work with come from broken homes, and have even been separated from their families. Youth Haven is year round and the kids come free of charge thanks to many donors. While at Youth Haven they have the opportunity to find hope, be loved by the staff and have an awesome time with the many activities. But our main goal is to share the gospel with them, and our prayer is that they would hold onto the hope of Christ. A lot of these children come hearing the gospel for the first time and they end up having a great time during the chapel and devotion times. I usually will have at least one (if not more) conversations about superheroes during a retreat. “Have you seen the latest Avengers movie? Have you seen the new Batman vs Superman movie?”, are usually some questions I get asked. The boy’s love talking about superheroes, it draws their attention. That is why Captain Sun is a really effective tool. Boy’s can be reading a comic book, but at the same time learning truths from the Bible. What better way to reach boys who enjoy superheroes! That is why I think Captain Sun would be a great gift for the boys this summer. So on behalf of the boys coming this summer, thank you for your help in reaching these kids for Christ!”

One thought on “Reaching Boys for Christ

  1. So thankful that you are willing to share Jesus’ life within you with those who need love and blessing. We are praying, trusting, and expecting great and deep inroads, some of which may not be obvious at all at the moment, but will bear fruit later….

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