Ten For Ten! Help Me Celebrate

Hey, Captain Sun fans! This year and this season mark the Captain’s 10th anniversary. That’s right, way back in 2009 I created Captain Sun for a custom Christmas book for my kids. It’s been wonderful see the places he’s gone in the last ten years. Next month, I’ll be doing ten days of free (or almost free) downloads to celebrate the occasion. But as faithful blog followers, I wanted to let you know in advance about a special “Ten for Ten” deal: USE THIS LINK to get a PDF E-Book of “Rescue Me!” for only ten cents! Already have the book in paperback? Why not pick up a copy for your tablet? Already have the e-book? Why not buy a copy and e-mail it as a gift to a friend? Thanks for helping me celebrate this anniversary and to spread the word about this unique resource!

New Badge LAYOUT 10 year copy

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