10 Years, 10 Days! Day #6 Freebie

10 YEARS, 10 DAYS! We’re celebrating the 10th anniversary of Captain Sun with free downloads every day. TODAY: the VBS Primer Pack is a resource designed to be an ‘event blueprint’ for churches/ministries eager to host a do-it-yourself RESCUED! event. https://itscaptainsun.com/10-days/

Day 6 Ad copy

One thought on “10 Years, 10 Days! Day #6 Freebie

  1. The Captain Sun books are a great resource for any home that has children living there or coming to visit. The stories are fun and full of action and lots of high-quality illustrations that are bright and colorful. The message each story tells is uplifting and character building. Captain Sun should be in every church library too.

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