New “Viral” Villain Contest

WHO IS “VIRAL”? Captain Sun can’t create a vaccine for COVID-19. But he can defeat a new villain named Viral. Why not use the LOCKDOWN to WORK UP a design for this new villain? Or help write this character’s story? Captain Sun’s new CONTEST is open to anyone with an imagination! We’re giving away three $25 Amazon gift cards to the winners. Either post an original character design or a short write-up (i.e., a paragraph describing his/her back story, powers, etc.) by Monday, May 4th, and you could win. Three prizes will be awarded: 1) Junior Design award (artists 13 and under), 2) Design award (artists 14 and over), and 3) Writing award (all ages). Post submissions here, or e-mail to And PLEASE SHARE. Happy ‘imagine-ating’!

viral villains banner copy

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