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Instead of one artist creating one book, my hope is to have MANY ARTISTS collaborating on a Captain Sun adventure entitled, “Mystery of the Missing”. Each creator would be responsible for one page. BUT THE REALLY FUN PART is that each creator creates all the content for his or her page, building on the ideas of the previous pages (a kind of exquisite corpse creative process). After the event, every contributor will then receive a PDF of the final book (which will conclude with a short, spiritual encouragement and contributors info). The final book will then be available for FREE online!

Here’s how it works:

  1. In the comment section below, ASAP, use the earlier comments (i.e., page summaries) to add to the story by adding your comment (i.e., page summary). I will get the ball rolling with a page 1 idea. Then others will commit to each successive page (please clearly indicate which page you’re doing).
  2. Feel free to take the story in any direction you’d like! Have fun!
  3. Be sure to include key details in your summary (in the comment section), specific details that will affect other creators. For example, if Captain Sun has his cape torn off in a battle with giant spiders, be sure to state that clearly. That way the creator of the next page doesn’t depict the hero, cape intact, fighting giant grasshoppers (some continuity problems are inevitable, but let’s do our best).
  4. The comic will be black and white, and final art (that includes inked or dark penciled images, as well as text) should fit 7 inches wide and 10.5 inches tall (or 2100 x 3150 p at 300 dpi) page size.
  5. In keeping with the Captain Sun ‘vibe’, all content should be fun and appropriate for all ages. Additionally, while Captain Sun books are Christian worldview tools, they are not traditional ‘Christian comics’. Therefore, the goal is not to create explicitly Christian content, but a classic, family-friendly superhero story.
  6. All submissions will be due before midnight on Saturday, October 31st, 2020. Please also send a short blurb telling readers about yourself. Please send to

Using that e-mail address (or via social media), feel free to send me any and all questions. If you need help with adding text to your page, I’d be happy to help. Just leave room for captions and dialogue, then send me the art, as well as a script for your page.

I’m excited to have you involved and to see how this project turns out!

For the Hero of Heroes!


7 thoughts on “Inktober Project

  1. for Rhys Morgan: PAGE 7: Captain sun hears and feels rumbling, the turns to see the city collapsing (street cracking) out from the epicenter. CS: “Oh no… the orb!”

  2. Page 6 summary
    As the grim reaper creatures (see comment below for Page 5) get closer to catch him in the air, CS creates a giant ball of Sun Energy, which the creatures are repelled by it. They cover their faces like vampires to sunrise or a cross.

    CS: Don’t like the sun’s rays, do ya?

    CS shoots a long ray of sunlight and uses it like a giant sword and slashes at the creatures, and they disintegrate. The creatures are gone.

    CS: Why do I have a feeling this isn’t over?

  3. CS get’s the center of the epicenter and notice a giant crater , CS tries to take a closer look but all he can see is darkness .A Weird energy begins Amit from it, suddenly three mysterious figures clocked in the same dark energy with the form of a grim reappear holding scythe’s emerge and is coming straight toward CS. Suddenly one of them swings their scythe releasing a dark energy from it with a gray glow around it. CS powers up to the reflect the attack and notice the weird energy beginning to seep into his energy and taking control of one of his arms which tries to make him fire a energy beam into a building that could be populated. With Sheer willpower he is able to redirect the blast upwards striking the top dome that surrounds them. CS feels the chaotic energy from these mysterious entities and realizes this is a battle that he has to fight long range. He begins to fly to give himself some distance but the creatures are in hot pursuit!

  4. Page 4 summary:

    Captain Sun slowly descends to the ground. He’s standing in front of an old abandoned section of a subway system entrance. It was boarded up but looks like it had been recently torn open.

    CS: “If I remember right, this was part of the subway before the renovation.”

    CS notices a slight humming coming from the old entrance.
    As he nears the enterence there is a flickering light coming from the bottom of the stairs.

    Once CS reaches the bottom of the stairs he sees what is creating the sound and light. It’s some kind of technology, an orb on a type of tripod with wires and cables snaking along the ground leeading up to it.

    Looking around, there is no one or nothing in the room. CS reaches out his hand towards the orb and right before he touches it, an arc of electricity strikes out in a flash of light.

    Captain Sun vanishes! Onlt the orb and stand is left.

    End of page 4
    Where did Captain Sun go?!

  5. Page 3 summary:
    To find the epicenter of the mystery, CS Powers up, causing himself to light up like a star.
    Then flying along the perimeter of the circles edge, CS leaves behind a trail of light.
    CS: (thinking to himself) If I follow the edge of silence and fly fast enough , I can catch up to my trail of light before it fades, narrowing the distance with each pass.
    CS: If I succeed, I’ll wind up at the center of this mystery.
    CS, flying at super speed, is like a shooting star to the farmers below.
    Eventually, completing his first lap around, he closes in on this light trail and overcomes it.
    With determination, CS fly’s even faster, eventually completing more laps and tightening his scope with each pass.
    Within minutes, CS covers hundreds of square miles until he is over a certain part of the city.
    CS : (looking down) So, the trail leads here!
    End page 3
    What did Captain Sun find?
    ( Thanks Johanna for the great set up! )

  6. Page 2 summary:
    Captain Sun tries to contact Aguila, but gets only static. Even the birds and animals are gone – but wait! Captain Sun spots some deer far out in a field. They scatter as he approaches. CS flies around, finding that wildlife and even a couple of clueless farmers are unaffected a certain distance out of the city. CS realizes that the affected area forms a perfect circle. ¨If I can locate the epicenter, maybe I can find some sort of clue as to the cause.¨

  7. Hey, everyone! Here’s the page 1 summary: the story opens with various shots of Capital City, but all of them reveal an eerily uninhabited world. The streets are neat and tidy, and all is as it should be, except… there’s no one there. We then see our hero, waking up, in the middle of what was once a busy street. He is disoriented at first, then alarmed to see, even when he flies up to a higher vantage point, that the city is completely devoid of life. [Where does the story go next?]

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