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AFHE Gift Book


AFHE member! I’m so glad you stopped by to pick up your free book. I think your kids are going to love it. I wrote this book (and the two other Captain Sun adventures) for my kids. I wanted to use their love of superheroes (and mine as well) to point them to Jesus, the Hero of Heroes! I hope this resource does that very thing.

Although the book is 100% free, I’d love to have you follow this site (where it says “Subscribe Now” on the right side of this page) and/or follow Captain Sun on Facebook (button on right as well). I’d also love to have your kiddos do some Captain Sun fan art. I post every drawing and doodle sent to me.

Thanks again for your interest, and thanks for helping me share this fun resource!


CLICK HERE FOR YOUR FREE DOWNLOAD! (just right click and select “save link as”)

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