New Comic-Inspired Content

“Clearly, given the fantastical elements of a show like “Moon Knight”, many could write off this theme of supernatural judgment as irrelevant in the modern world. And yet most people, even today, carry with them a longing for ultimate justice in a world where not every injustice is answered, and sadly, where even justice that’sContinue reading “New Comic-Inspired Content”

Buy a Comic, Bless These Girls!

5 pastors and 20 artists from five different countries joined forces to create, “The Night of the Piper”. All profits from the sale of this comic/devotional go to THE BUTTERFLY PROJECT, a ministry in the Philippines helping exploited girls find hope and healing in Jesus. Won’t you pick up a copy today, as well asContinue reading “Buy a Comic, Bless These Girls!”

Whoa! A ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Webcomic!

Here’s a fun CHRISTMAS GIFT, straight from Capital City: it’s a Christmas-themed, Captain Sun CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE webcomic! Your kids (and kids-at-heart) will love exploring the options, and you’ll love the family-friendly content and spiritual encouragements. So get adventuring, and Merry Christmas! Find it at