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Book Four and The Butterfly Project


No, “The Butterfly Project” is not the title of a new Captain Sun adventure. But if you thought that, you wouldn’t be far off.

The Butterfly Project is a Christian girls’ home/program in the Philippines that helps rescue sexually exploited (trafficked) girls from the streets of Manila and provide them with a safe place to live, schooling, and spiritual nurture. Obviously the cost to house, feed, clothe, etc. these girls is substantial. In order to bless this ministry with visibility and financial assistance, I’m hoping to do a special edition of Captain Sun, with 100% of the proceeds going to the Butterfly Project.

The story, “Night of the Piper”, would be thematically related to the project, focusing on a villain called “The Piper”, who is stealing children, to make them slaves for his larger, evil schemes. The devotional lessons in this book would revolve around the biblical theme of “good works”. 

The difference with this book is that it would be a collaborative project, involving a handful of artists. And this is where you come in! Would you be willing to donate 1-2 pages of comic art for this project? 

Here’s how the project would work: the project period would be January 1 to March 31 of 2019. I would send you a script in early January with your assignment marked and specs for the page. You would then have three months to complete a full color page (or pages). I would also provide a reference sheet with any key character, prop, location, etc. designs.

The goal is to complete a 24 page comic together before Easter! Who knows… if we get enough artists involved, we could do a 32-page comic instead (the normal length of a Captain Sun comic). I’m planning on having a contributors page, where I’d love to have a very brief blurb about everyone involved. (BTW, I’m also hoping to have a team of pastor friends compose the book’s short devotional lessons). 

A page in the back of the book, and probably the back cover, would include info about the Butterfly Project (of course, info appropriate for younger readers). I think we would primarily offer the book as a digital download. 

I’m excited about the idea of having a comic filled with different styles of art and with the unique voices of different pastors. More important, I’m excited about the idea of working together with you to bless these precious girls. Would you prayerfully consider being involved?

If you’re interested or have questions, please e-mail me at When you write, I would love to have you send samples of your artwork or a link(s) to online samples. Please note: there is a chance I will not need everyone’s help, depending on how many responses I get.

Thanks for your consideration, and grace to you!


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