Christmas Reminders

Just Look Around You FRONT cover“It’s a common complaint: ‘Christ is getting lost in the chaos of Christmas!’…[So] what should we do? Become holiday hermits? Or maybe lobby Congress to ban the busyness? To restrict wreaths? To tax tinsel?

Let me suggest something a bit less radical, and yet, at the same time, radically wonderful. What if everything that might currently detour us into distraction could become a reminder, leading instead to a deeper devotion? What if the very things that some say are pushing Jesus out, were viewed as reminders of Jesus? This idea wouldn’t require a new calendar or new legislation. It would simply require new eyes.” (from the Introduction)

Just Look Around You includes 25 short devotions designed to, using the Bible, help you connect common holiday characters, customs, and even colors, to Christ at Christmas. A holiday help for individuals, couples, and families alike (one chapter a day, starting Dec. 1, takes you to Christmas!).

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