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Download and print off cool Captain Sun coloring pages!

Coloring Page 1 thumbnail CS2-Coloring Page 2 copy CS2-Coloring Sheet 1 Coloring Page 2 CS2 Coloring Page 4 copy CS2 Coloring Page 3 copy










Create Your Own Superhero! Just download this worksheet and get to work on creating your hero’s look. Cape? No cape? Full mask? Half mask? Boots? Belt? You decide!

Create Your Own Hero Worksheet










We’d love to see what your kids have colored and created! Send their masterpieces to



Captain Sun Store Pic for Website copyCheck out some fun Captain Sun merchandise over at our CAPTAIN SUN Zazzle Store. But always check out Zazzle’s current coupon offers before you buy. And remember, you can also customize your order for BETTER DEALS (for example, a different style of t-shirt). And we’ll keep adding new stuff!






Captain Sun Mini BookCAPTAIN SUN MINI BOOK!  Just print it off, fold in half…and then fold in half again! And you’ve got a cool mini-comic book!




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