Under the reign of the Coyote Kings the Desert Kingdom has suffered for many years. A young ‘jackhare’ named Hala knows this all too well. Her father is missing, her mother is sick, and she and her family are about to lose their nest. But when word arrives that an ancient prediction is coming true, Hala’s heart is ignited by a spark of hope, and she sets out alone to get help from the long-awaited High Chief. Will her journey be successful, even though dangers, distortions, and despair are lurking around every bend? Will she find this new ruler in time?


Hala’s Spark of Hope is a fun, thrilling, and thoughtful story for all ages. The twenty-five short chapters are perfect for daily or weekly readings just before Christmas, or for a simple read any time of the year (download the “Book to Bible” DISCUSSION GUIDE here (just print and fold on the dotted line!)). It will not only challenge you to think about Christmas in a new light, but also to consider your own journey. In fact, it just might ignite a spark of hope in your heart!

Click here to DOWNLOAD your free copy*, and Merry Christmas!

How about a COLORING PAGE download as well?!

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