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Morgan Family Update (2014)

We pray our Christmas greeting found you and your family well. We are so thankful for another year of God’s love, strength, a provision! A quick update from Buckeye (now a city, not a town!):

All of the kids (Laurel (almost 13!), Aidan (10), and Rhys (8)) are doing well and having another good year at Sundance Elementary School. The older two are excited to participate in the school play this Spring, and all of them enjoyed a number of different pursuits this year, including soccer, football, and swim team.

Speaking of kids, some of you may be wondering who the little blonde girl was in our Christmas card. Well, this past Spring Anita and I became foster parents, and Delores is our first placement (since late March). She turned 6 in October, and is doing a great job as a kindergartener at Sundance Elementary. She also learned to ride her bike about a month ago and is now an avid cyclist! Foster care has been both reward and challenging; a big adjustment for the whole family. But we are so pleased that just as God has welcomed us into His family through Jesus (Romans 15:7), we too can welcome this little girl into our home for a season. We are praying that when she leaves us, she will leave with a clear sense of Christ’s love in us and through us. We appreciate your prayers.

Anita continues to be a blessing at the elementary school, and is enjoying a number of Bible studies she is able to participate in semi-regularly. Mom/foster mom work is definitely keeping her on her toes! I am grateful for the opportunity to continue shepherding the church family at Way of Grace Church (, and was excited to complete (story and art) a second Captain Sun adventure in September. Our church continues to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus, and we were excited to see the addition of a third elder in September.

We are grateful for each of you, and the place you have, are, and/or will continue to play in our lives. We pray you have a profitable 2015, whatever highs and lows it may contain. Through it all, may Jesus Christ be your constant.

In His love, grace, and peace…

Bryce (on behalf of the Morgan clan)

P.S. I’d love to have you check out two resources I’ve created for Christmas. The first is small pamphlet called “Socks and Underwear: What You Really Need this Christmas”. The second is a short book called, “Hala’s Spark of Hope”. It is a fun adventure for all ages that points us back to the true wonder of Christmas. Enjoy!

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