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4 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Grateful for these kind words from one reader: “I think your book series is magnificent! It’s the finest book I’ve seen for young readers. A lot of the Christian comics nowadays are aimed at older teens and adults it seems. God bless you, for sharing your talents to bless the little ones! The art, the story, the lessons, are all first rate! ‘Captain Sun’, your team, and ministries will be in my prayers :)”

  2. My title to this review highlights the two aspects of this work that stand out to me, Rescue Me’s educational value and it’s fun presentation.

    Educationally, I believe that there is nothing more important for children to understand than the Gospel according to Jesus. Author and creator Bryce Morgan has done a terrific job in representing the Gospel as explained in Scripture, articulating it clearly for children and giving parents a great question guide in the back of the book for them to facilitate further discussion.

    Regarding it’s fun presentation of a heavy and important topic, both Mitch Martin and Bryce Morgan have done a stellar job in bringing the characters to life. Martin’s artwork is beautiful and vibrant, reminding this long admirer of comic-book art of the inspirational work I grew up on. It pops off the page with fluid action and dynamic color, leading the reader joyfully to the “Capital City Chronicle” page at the end of each chapter that contains the Biblical lesson. Also, the “Super Nova” edition adds much more fun to the creation of the project including artist sketches and the original work by Bryce himself.

    All-in-all, Bryce and Mitch have done a great job in providing an excellent and needed resource to parents, guardians, and pastors. In an age where superheroes dominate the entertainment industry, it is important for our youth to first understand who the One true Hero is: Jesus Christ. May their work bring the truth, love, and hope of Christ to the youth within each of our spheres of influence! (from

  3. Finding a book that parents can trust and kids will love isn’t easy, but the creator team of Morgan and Martin pulled it off. The story is uplifting, the layouts are fantastic, and the character design and visual storytelling are on par with comic book titles like Young Justice and the animated version of Teen Titans that came out a few years back. The style has a very animated feel, which will draw kids in. Can’t wait to see where the adventures of Captain Sun will lead. (from

  4. My wife just finished reading this wonderful book and story. She enjoyed the Christian theme and how it relates to Christ and to the children. The art work was simply outstanding, and combined with the story line makes for a book for children and adults. Would be a good book to read to those children who cannot read yet, but will enjoy looking at the art work as Mom or Dad reads.
    Keep up this wonderful Christian work.. God Bless!

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