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The Brazil-Philippines Connection

August 19, 2019

Ola, Brazil! I was so pleased to have artists from five different countries contribute to “Night of the Piper”, including Tulio Vilela from Brazil (pictured here with his son). Won’t you help us help formerly exploited girls in the Philippines by purchasing a copy or recommending to a friend? You and your kids will love this new comic/devotional. For fun! For faith!

Tulio and Son

“A Stark Contrast” T-Shirt

August 12, 2019

Ask and you shall receive (well, at least some of you asked)! This t-shirt (“A Stark Contrast”) is now available for sale in my Zazzle store. Thanks for sharing this and helping me spread the word.

Stark Contrast Tee

Let’s Celebrate!

June 21, 2019

Solstice, shmolstice! Today is international CAPTAIN SUN DAY! All sun, all fun, all day! Sure, it’s also National Gong Day, National Seashell Day, and National Peaches ‘n Cream Day. But can any of those things blast super-villains with white, hot solar fire? Duh, no! So as you stare into the sun today, remember the Captain. Better still, remember the One who gave the sun it’s light. The One who “is light” (John 1:5)!

CS-Day 2018 Image copy

Meet Aguila!

June 10, 2019

Spanish for “eagle”, Aguila is also the code name for the Hero Defense League’s ‘girl in the chair’. In the new Captain Sun adventure, she uses her ‘eagle eyes’ to hack, track, and back (up) our hero as he unravels a disturbing mystery. Like the other three books, this is a comic/devotional that uses superheroes to point your kids to Jesus. AND all profits from the sale of this book go to helping formerly exploited girls in the Philippines. Get your digital copy or Amazon edition now! Learn And thanks for helping us spread the word!

Aguila Promo

Now Available from Amazon!

June 3, 2019

A NEW #CaptainSun ADVENTURE is now available at Amazon! 5 pastors and 20 artists from five different countries joined forces to create, “The Night of the Piper”. This comic/devotional is $1 more than the other books, but that’s because all profits go to THE BUTTERFLY PROJECT, a ministry in the Philippines helping exploited girls find hope and healing in Jesus. Won’t you pick up a copy today, as well as share this with others? Thanks for your support!

CS4-Amazon Ad copy.jpg

Celebrating His Victory with You

April 19, 2019

Battle of Good Friday

A great DIGITAL addition to any EASTER basket!

April 15, 2019

Bless kids near and far with your purchase of this new gospel-centered Captain Sun adventure. Part comic, part devotional, all proceeds benefit formerly exploited/trafficked girls in the Philippines. Learn more: