Kids’ Drawing Contest-Some Examples!

The markers and crayons were working overtime at the Morgan home when our three did some sweet drawings of Captain Sun. I present them here as inspiration for all the kids who need that extra bit of encouragement to send in an entry for the “Rescue Me!” Drawing Contest. And don’t worry, my kids will not be participating…ya know…’conflict of interest’ and all that jazz. Remember the deadline is September 16th. Happy drawing!

Slow Right Now

Hey, everyone! Things will be slow right now in terms of updates about the “Rescue Me!” project. I will try to get some sketches and artwork up soon. But I’d like to do a larger website launch in the next couple of months, as we get closer to completion of the book. At that point, I will try to keep everyone updated weekly, if not a couple times a week. The goal will be to get a good ‘buzz’ going about the book, with people referring other people to the site . It would be great to launch the book with hundreds of subscribers who are anticipating the book’s release. Thanks for your prayers!

Awash in Superheroes

I was reminded today about just how many superhero movies will be hitting the big screen this summer. Thor, Green Lantern, and Captain America all have new film adaptations. While I don’t think any of these movies will be appropriate for children, kids will still be surrounded by all of the toys, product tie-ins, etc. For those kids who love superheroes, may God give us grace to use those heroes and those adventrues to point them to Jesus, the greatest hero of the greatest story ever told.