Viral Villain Contest

A huge thanks to everyone who participated in Captain Sun’s “Viral” villain contest. The avalanche of creativity was truly awesome! Below you will find our three winners. Congratulations to Edgar Campusano & Justin Milinich, our Design winning team, to Jack Stanger (age 9), our Junior Design winner, and to Abbie Reed, our Writing winner. Make sure to keep scrolling down to see/read all the entries. AND, stay tuned for Captain Sun’s epic showdown with Viral!

Viral-Winner (Campusano and Milimich) copy
Design Winners: Edgar Campusano & Justin Milinich
Jack Stanger (age 9)
Junior Design Winner: Jack Stanger (age 9)

Viral Villain Concept by Abbie Reed copy










Viral” Villain Concept by Johanna Watson

Elvira (Elvie) Johnson was a successful network security administrator whose reputation was completely destroyed one day when a well-placed lie by a former employee drew the attention and ire of thousands of individuals. After death threats and being fired from her job, Elvie tried to flee from the persecution but could not shake her soiled reputation, as people still recognized her name and face. At last Elvira decided if she could not escape her evil identity, she would embrace it instead. So she became the villain known as “Viral”. With a supernatural boost from an evil admirer, she is now able to seed juicy, tantalizing rumors anywhere and everywhere, which spread like wildfire and ruin lives in the same way hers was ruined. Her targets vary from personal vendettas to those with seemingly flawless reputations like Captain Sun – people who she thinks deserves to be brought down a peg.

Viral is influenced by her dark admirer (a demonic, ethereal shapeshifter), and Captain Sun ends up having to “fight” a terrible rumor that just doesn’t seem to go away no matter how hard he tries to disprove the lie. People who used to admire him start to despise him and people he tries to help reject him even in the midst of trouble! When Captain Sun finally corners Viral, instead of defeating her with force, he graciously gifts her with a new identity, and she is finally freed from her dark past (and the dark influence) to start spreading truth instead.

Johanna Watson
Art by Johanna Watson


Viral” Villain Concept by Jack Stanger (age 9)

Victor was a regular man with a normal job until a dangerous alien virus infected tens and thousands of people around the globe. In response, schools, businesses, and stores shut down. Many people were dying and others panicked in fear, believing their corrupt governments, which took advantage of the situation to scare the majority of citizens into being controlled. Victor, however, would not believe his government’s lies. He had a strong will which was noticed by the alien who had let the original virus loose on the Earth. That alien decided to make Victor his instrument of destruction in the world. To do so, the alien infected Victor with a new strain of the virus – one which did not kill him, but brainwashed and mutated him into Viral: a strong, evil, willful villain who could manipulate strains of the virus into a black goo form which he could shoot out of his hands. The goo also packed his punches with power. Between the virus and Viral, the world was in trouble!


Viral” Villain Concept by Luke Stanger (age 14)

Dr. Anoroc was a biological research scientist who was trying to find a cure for a deadly virus that was wiping out large swaths of the global population. He believed that he had found a viable medication, but was prevented from testing it on animals due to company policies. Thus, he skipped animal testing and, secretly, went straight to human subjects, injecting the medication into himself. Sadly, he was unaware that doing so would edit his genes, giving him superhuman resistance, strength, speed, and the ability to reproduce copies of himself at fast speeds, but, oddly, no immunity to the virus. Annoyed that the company had not let him do further testing on animals, thereby driving him to surreptitiously use himself as a test subject, Dr. Aronoc destroyed its building and began to use its employees as test subjects for continued iterations of serums he developed. He became known as Viral – a broken man who gained new abilities but lost his old life and sought revenge

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